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How will this billing transition affect me?

We will begin transitioning to the new E-bill platform soon. Some customers will see a change in their monthly bill date based on their address. Those affected will receive separate communications regarding this change. All PRTC customers will begin to receive their bills in the new format once the transition is complete. Additionally, you will begin utilizing your guarantor ID to enroll in online bill pay and when making payments via your bank’s online bill pay program.

What other features are available with this new E-bill platform?

To better serve you, we have developed a new E-bill platform allowing you to view/pay your bill online, sign up for electronic billing, sign up for autodraft and view convenient ways to pay.

I am not an E-bill customer currently. How can I enroll?

Simply click the sign up link located on PRTC.us/E-bill to sign up. You will need your guarantor ID located on your new bill. Please see the provided reference images on how to read your bill should you have any questions.

I use E-bill, will my login change?

Though your login won’t change, you will be prompted to create a new password. You will receive detailed instructions via email on how to complete this process. If you do not receive this email, please contact customer service to ensure you get set up properly.

What will my new bill look like?

We will include a reference image at PRTC.us/E-bill explaining in detail how to read your new bill.

As a bank draft customer, will I be affected by this change?

If your billing date is changing, this will also affect your autodraft date. Currently, drafts occur on the 15th of each month. The new autodraft date will change to 15 days following the receipt of your bill. For example, if you receive your new bill on the 8th of each month, your draft will occur on the 23rd of each month. Or, if you receive your bill on the 22nd of each month, your draft will occur on the 6th of the following month.

I like to pay my bill in person at one of the PRTC locations. Will I be affected by this change?

No, you can continue to pay your bill in person. Please be sure to bring your payment coupon with you.

I typically make my payment utilizing my personal bank account’s bill pay program; will I be affected by this change?

Yes, you will need to update the account number for your PRTC bill payment to the guarantor ID located on your new bill in your bank’s bill pay program so that the payment gets tied to the correct account. If you have problems or questions updating this number, please contact your bank as each bank’s bill pay program is unique. If you have trouble finding the guarantor ID on your new bill, please see the provided reference images as PRTC.us/E-bill.

Can I still mail my payment to PRTC?

Yes, you can continue to mail your payment to PRTC as normal. Please be sure to include your payment coupon in the envelope with your check.

If I get a bill on the 1st, why am I getting another bill on the 8th?

It is necessary to complete the billing cycle in the current billing system and generate a bill for the new cycle in the new system; this will result in multiple bills during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, please note, the sum of all your bills will be no more than you are used to paying PRTC for your service.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

Though you will receive additional bills during this transition to cover your service for the entire billing period, the due dates will remain the same as always and are due 15 days after the date your bill was issued. Please be sure to pay your bill on time to avoid loss of service. Contact customer service if you need assistance.

My bill is past due. What should I do?

Please make sure your bill is current to ensure there is no loss of service during the billing transition. To pay via phone, please call at 843-538-2020. Please have your payment information and bill available before calling. Also, you may visit us in person in Walterboro or St. George to make a payment.

How do I contact customer service?

You can reach out to us via email at customerservice@prtc.us or call us using your area number. For Walterboro call- 843-538-2020. For St. George, call 843-931-1212. Please note, we anticipate higher than normal call volumes during this transition and appreciate your patience.

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