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PRTC Video Remote Control Manuals and Instructional Video

Welcome to PRTC's collection of video remote control manuals and instructional video. This page provides easy access to detailed guides and tutorials for using your PRTC video remote controls effectively.

Arris MXv4 Remote Manual

The Arris MXv4 remote control is a sleek and versatile device that allows you to navigate seamlessly through your PRTC video service. This comprehensive manual covers all aspects of the remote control, including:

  • Button layout and functions
  • Programming your remote to your TV and other devices
  • Troubleshooting common issues

Arris MXv4 IR Remote Manual

The Arris MXv4 IR remote control utilizes infrared technology to control your PRTC video service. This user-friendly manual provides clear instructions on:

  • Setting up your remote
  • Using the remote's various buttons
  • Resolving any remote-related problems

Cisco All Touch AT6400 Remote Manual

The Cisco All Touch AT6400 remote control offers an intuitive touchscreen interface for managing your PRTC video service. This detailed manual explains:

  • Navigating the touchscreen menu
  • Utilizing the remote's various features
  • Addressing common touchscreen issues

Universal Remote Control

This manual provides instructions on programming your universal remote control to work with your PRTC video service. It covers:

  • Compatible remote control models
  • Programming steps for different devices
  • Troubleshooting tips for universal remote control usage

Instructional Video for the PRTC Video Remote Control

This comprehensive instructional video provides a visual guide to using your PRTC video remote control effectively. It covers:

  • Proper remote control handling
  • Button functions and usage
  • Programming your remote to various devices

Additional Resources

For further assistance with your PRTC video remote control, please consult the following resources:

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