Certain physical barriers can affect wireless signals in your home or building:

These barriers include walls and floors, which can result in a slower internet connection. Make sure the distance between the device and the access point are close. The closer the range the better the internet connection. Even small adjustments can impact performance, like changing the height of your router.

To get faster internet, make sure you are putting your router in an open spot:

WiFi speed is often affected by distance, obstacles like floors and walls, and the number of users on the network. Because WiFi is wireless, it is important to have your router on the floor in an open space, that is away from walls or any sort of barrier.

Want to watch something on your TV that's only available on your laptop?

Here is an easy way to connect your laptop to your TV screen! The most simple and common way to connect the two devices is by purchasing an inexpensive cable that can be inserted into each device. Almost all TVs and laptops have an HDMI port that users are able to plug a HDMI cable into. Once you have the two devices connected by your cable, and you set your TV to the correct input for HDMI, you will be able to display your screen on your television!

To protect your TV and other electronics from electrical surges, use a high-quality surge protection device:

Thunderstorms aren’t the only cause of surges. When energy-hogging appliances, such as refrigerators or dryers, start, they can send a surge throughout your whole electrical system. Even the smallest power surges can add up to major damage over time.

It’s important to clean and dust your TV regularly:

This keeps TV vents clean and prevents static electricity. Use an anti-static cloth with cleaning solution for the best results.

Temperature and humidity can take a toll on your TV:

It’s best to keep your TV inside a climate-controlled house where temperatures do not change drastically and where moisture is not an issue. This will keep your TV working longer.

Secure your devices and accounts by creating strong passwords. Follow these rules:

  • Create a password that is at least eight characters. It should be as random as possible!
  • Make a password that resembles texting. This means intentionally misspelling words or phrases and adding in symbols. Make it hard for someone to guess!
  • Never use the same password for multiple accounts. Consider this scenario: you may give your password to others if you decide to share a movie account with them. If you use this password for multiple accounts, those you share the movie account with will have access to your other accounts. Be on the safe side. For all accounts, create a unique password.

Tips for iPad users:

  • Control your notifications by going to Settings > Notifications, and then turning off any notifications you do not want. You can also control how notifications pop up or sound in this section.
  • When you go to connect to your WiFi account, do several networks pop up? If you would like to silence these bothersome network prompts, go to Settings > WiFi > Ask to Join Network, and toggle the switch off!
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