Computers can contract viruses, peripherals devices like printers and routers can malfunction and our network connectivity may fail without any apparent reason. The Tech Crew’s PC repair and support subscription will cover you when your computer is not performing the way it should.

Bring your existing PC in and get following coverage for only $14.99 per month**

  • Free MySecurity Anti-virus Subscription
  • Unlimited virus cleanings/optimizations
  • Unlimited system restores
  • Unlimited software installations
    (software not provided)
  • Unlimited hardware/peripheral installs
    (hardware/peripherals not provided)
  • You get 1/2 off current hourly rate for onsite work
  • You get 1/2 off current hourly rate for in shop work out of scope of subscription
    (such as Operating System reinstall)
  • Each additional subscription is only $9.99 per device per month

**$14.99 one-time setup fee

Explanation of Covered Services

  • Free MySecurity Protection Suite
    MySecurity provides you virus protection, privacy protection and removes dangerous programs.
  • Unlimited virus cleanings/optimizations*
    If you get a virus infection, malware gets installed on your computer or you are experiencing slow downs, you ’re covered. Just give us a call and we can remotely clean your computer or drop it off at our work center and we will quickly get you back to normal.
  • Unlimited system restores
    If you would like to factory refresh your system, just drop it off at our work center and we will have it like new in no time.
  • Unlimited software installations
    Uncomfortable about installing software? If you have the software just give us a call and if possible we will do it remotely for you, or just bring in you pc and software and we will do it at our work center.
  • Unlimited hardware/peripheral installs
    Bring us your pc and hardware or peripheral you want installed or connected to your PC and we do it for you. If you would prefer to have it done on-site, with your active subscription you can take advantage of getting on-site service at 1/2 price.
  • You get 1/2 off the current hourly shop rate or charge for any service the Tech Crew provides outside the scope of your repair subscription.
  • You get 1/2 off the currently hourly rate for any on-site service provided by the Tech Crew.

*Remote assistance available Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm


The PC Repair Subscription is billed to your PRTC bill at $14.99 per month for your first PC. Each additional PC you have can be covered for an additional $9.99 per month. There is a one time $14.99 setup fee. This setup fee covers an initial virus cleaning, optimization, diagnosis and cataloging of the covered PC.

The Tech Crew has you covered no matter what happens to your PC.

Gig-Certified Provider

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