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Residential Wireless

When you bundle your wireless services with PRTC’s family of services, including voice, video and Internet, you can save as much as $20 per month!

  • Our customer service team is right here in Walterboro, ready to help you choose the phone and calling plan that’s right for you.
  • You can pay your bill online, check your usage and manage your account via our website.
  • Unlimited free calling to almost 100 million wireless subscribers nationwide.
  • We have a nationwide 4G network.
  • You can add texting to any plan!
  • You can choose the numbers (wireline and wireless) you want to make unlimited calls to.
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* Customer must sign up for a two-year agreement with PRTC Wireless. Some restrictions may apply. To check your wireless usage, click here.

Residential Home Voice Voicemail
TSP 4G Map

eBill Mobile – Version 2.5

Downloadable from the platform stores (or via these links):

PRTC is a locally owned company providing a complete telecommunications solution (High Speed Internet, Video, Voice, Wireless and Security & Home Automation) to the homes and businesses in the Lowcountry.
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