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Business Voicemail

Voicemail Helps You Manage Your Communication

PRTC’s New Voicemail Plus service provides all of the advantages of Voicemail service — taking a message while you’re on the phone or not able to answer the phone — with the added advantages of managing your messages.

Voicemail Plus:

  • Receive an e-mail notification when you have voicemail.
  • Add up to 4 sub mailboxes with their own greeting — one for each family member.
  • Program it to notify your pager or cell phone when you get a voicemail.
  • Adjust your settings online at managemyservices.prtc.us

Voicemail Plus is only $3.50 per month. Special Offer: Sign up for any Voicemail package for 12 months and be entered to win 3 months of the service free*
* Offer available to customers who sign a 12-month contract. Must be a PRTC customer in good standing to win. Some restrictions may apply.

Check out all of our great Voicemail Packages:

Basic Voicemail ($2.00 per month)

  • 20 minutes of storage space – Choice of English or Spanish
  • Message waiting light Voice Mail Plus ($3.50 per month)
  • 40 minutes of storage space – Choice of English or Spanish
  • Message waiting light – Receive e-mail notifications
  • Family members can have own sub-mailbox (up to 4) with their own greeting
  • Receive daily notifications – Pager/cell phone notification
  • Managemyphone.com allows you to specify email notification and adjust your own settings by logging on
  • Send messages to a family member’s mailbox

Deluxe Voicemail ($9.00 per month)

Includes Expanded Voicemail features plus:

  • 80 minutes of storage instead of 60
  • Up to 9 sub-mailboxes instead of 6
  • Option of up to 6 out-dials instead of 3
  • Six distribution lists instead of three
  • Able to leave specific Greetings for specific callers
  • Schedule different Greetings for different times

Expanded Voicemail ($7.50 per month)

Includes Voicemail Plus features plus:

  • 60 minutes of storage instead of 40
  • Up to 6 sub-mailboxes instead of 4
  • Option to use up to 3 out-dials to an outside line from your greeting (I.E. another land line or cell phone)
  • Able to edit from your phone
  • Three distribution lists
  • Post-recording option where the caller can send message urgent, private, or change message when finished
  • Choose notification at set time to alert you if you have messages
  • Able to record a message, store, and send later – If call goes to voicemail because the line is busy, the caller will hear, “The party you have reached is on the phone.”
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