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PRTC is excited to introduce Microsoft Mediaroom, advanced video services, to our valued customers. When you grab your new remote control, you will begin to experience these great new features:

  • Whole-Home DVR
  • Video on Demand with 1,000 movie titles for rent
  • The fastest channel change in the industry
  • Remote DVR – program your DVR from your computer or smartphone
  • Picture-in-Picture screen views for many channels
  • Caller ID displayed on screen

Great Selection of Channels

You will have access to over 350 channels of premium programming in addition to over 50 music channels and many of your favorites in High-Definition. We also feature a large library of over 1,000 On-Demand titles and Pay-Per-View options for viewers of all ages.

More About Whole-Home DVR...

Along with the great features you normally get with a DVR, like the ability to schedule recordings and pause live TV, our Whole-Home DVR gives you advanced features and new abilities: Record shows on a single DVR and play them back in any room; Pause, fast-forward and rewind live or recorded shows on any TV or pause your recorded show in one room and pick it up in another; Play the same recorded shows on different TVs at one time and control them separately. You can also program your DVR remotely from your computer or smartphone. And… it’s included in all of our Video packages at no additional cost to you!

Built-in Picture-in-Picture Browsing

You can channel surf without missing a minute of the program you’re watching by using the Picture-in-Picture channel browsing feature. See something you want to watch, but don’t want to miss the show you’re watching? Simply press the record button while on that PIP window and watch it when you want from any receiver in your home. Not all channels are currently available in PIP.

Advanced search functionality

PRTC Video now has a unique search capability that allows you to search programs or the On-Demand library by title, director, or actor’s name. There are multiples ways to access the search function:

  • MENU – Live TV – Search. This will search all channels in your package
  • MENU – On Demand – Search On Demand. This will search just On-Demand programming. You can also search for other times a show will air by pressing INFO/More Showtimes.

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